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If you are an independent business owner or trader please feel free to complete the form below to make sure you're included in our directory. In order to help the website fulfill it's mission of supporting local businesses we can only accept listings from businesses within the CF72 catchment area.

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Enter just 1 or 2 sentences that sum up your business. For example, "ALBI Restaurant is located in the heart of Talbot Green, Pontyclun near Cardiff. We're family friendly and serve amazing burgers, steaks and grilled classics." Or "At Truffles we help people minimise their plastic consumption by offering Pontyclun and surrounding areas a completely plastic-free shopping experience."
This is where you can enter as little or as much information about your business as you like. Feel free to copy and paste text from your website or Facebook page. Let potential customers know what you're all about, what services your provide or what products you sell.
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